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    Welcome to XU YUAN

    Our commitment is to provide optimum shrink packaging solution

    Welcome to XU YUAN

    Our commitment is to provide optimum shrink packaging solution

    Welcome to XU YUAN

    Flexible Packaging?Flexi-Box Pouch?Stand-up Pouches (with a Zipper)?Cup Lid/Tray Sealing Film?Pharmaceutical Products

    Company Profile

    About Xu Yuan Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.

    A pioneer manufacturer in Shrink sleeve machinery and shrink film.
    Committed and dedicated to provide quality consumable material, shrink sleever and after-sales service for our customer.
    We hold a working team with over 30 experienced technical staffs. Each specialized in Shrink machinery, shrink film.

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    Best Products

    Professional Cap Seal Sleever

    Any kinds of flexible packaging for food products and pharmaceutical products.

    PET & PVC Shrink Label

    Can be applied to packing with carbonated drink, beverages, mineral water, CD, foodstuff, instant noodle and stationery, etc.

    Vertical Label Inserting Machine

    High speed splicing system enables reel change without stop the machine. Improve line productivity.

    Horizontal Label Inserting Machine

    Automatic Horizontal Shrinkable Label Inserting Machine position design by un-stand products.

    CNC & Panel Beating Parts Processing

    Light-weight, anti-static, high toughness, enable efficient and productive mass production.

    OPP Labeling Machine

    Multi-axis design control system, it can accurately to reach the need of high-spped labeling.

    Steam & Heat Shrink Tunnel

    Electric Heat Shrink Tunnel is suitable for PVC, PET, OPS shrink packaging materials use and variety bottle shapes.

    Industrial Machinery

    Simplex machine structure ensures convenient installation. Button controlled panel allows easy operation.

    Colorful Shrinkable Label Printing

    Printing → Inspection by colormeter → Slitting → Seaming → Rewinding → Precutting

    Colorful Art - Laminated Bags

    In addition to food products flexible packaging is also able to pack pharmaceutical products.

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