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          Having spent much of her life in the US, Storm returned to London to immerse herself in the UK music scene.

          Born in London, she is now 26 and has spent a the past three years producing and showcasing her music, DJing her way around the city’s best music venues such as XOYO and Jazz Cafe? as well as taking up residencies across the Soho House venues, Red Rooster London, and Nobu Hotel to name but a few.

          Whether she’s riding the disco train, throwing you back with classics ‘a la twist’, or exposing you to the newest house music, you’re bound to have crossed paths with her evolving, versatile sets.

          She hosts a monthly event at the Curtain called ‘Green Light Special’, presenting a night of visual art, music and culture and has spent the past 5 months in the studio in between her residencies working on a new EP due for release this summer.

          With her eclectic style and passion, Storm is tipped to be one of this year’s breakthrough artists.

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